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What is Rooibos? Well, for a start it’s “ROY-boss” to you and me. Secondly, although it’s often called “redbush tea”, it’s not really tea, nor is it particularly red.  It’s more closely related to broom, it’s a lovely chestnut brown colour, and it comes from the Western Cape of South Africa.

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£ 3.99 VAT excl.

  • Biodegradable bag of 15 tea bags
  • Economy bag of 50

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We first tried Rooibos huddled round a camp fire in an early Namibian morning, waiting for the sun to chase the chill from the air… But there’s more to it than happy memories – our Ramsbury Rooibos is bright and rich with a delicious hint of orange and cloves. 

It also boasts excellent antioxidant properties, low tannin and no caffeine: it’s traditionally used to treat allergies and skin problems or to relieve stress. You can drink it on its own, add a slice of lemon, or even a drop of milk – your choice!