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Wakey wakey! The Romans liked bread dipped in wine. Our American cousins might go for a coffee and danish. But there is really no better start to the day than a cup of proper English Breakfast tea. If like us you can’t face the day without a cuppa tea or two, we’ve got the perfect blend to kick-start your morning.

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  • Biodegradable bag of 15 tea bags

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Our English Breakfast tea is expertly blended.  Like a fine concerto, the main theme is built around the rich tenor range of Assam, with a soupcon of African Orthodox by way of bass counterpoint, and the delicate treble notes of Darjeeling and Ceylon topping it all off.

This heavenly mix makes for a dark, rich tea with a full malty character. Enjoy with some hot toast and marmalade, and the day will be yours for the taking!