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  • Earl Grey
    Earl Grey

    The classic recipe is black tea suffused with the citrus tang of...

    £ 3.99
  • Granny's Garden
    Granny's Garden

    What's the secret of a perfect herbal tea?  Pure dried herbs and...

    £ 4.49
  • Peppermint

    A natural herbal tisane of pure mentha piperita leaves, our Ramsbury...

    £ 3.99
  • Camomile

    Made with pure camomile flowers, grown on the fertile Egyptian plains,...

    £ 3.99
  • Lemon Grey
    Lemon Grey

    A sweeter, fruitier twist on our ever-popular Earl Grey, supplementing...

    £ 4.49
  • Jade Green
    Jade Green

    Yunnan is in the far south of China, on the Burmese border, close to...

    £ 4.49
  • Lemon & Ginger
    Lemon & Ginger

    Generous pieces of lemon zest mixed with chunks of dried ginger root...

    £ 4.49
  • Decaf Ceylon
    Decaf Ceylon

    Sri Lanka was once known as Ceylon, and Ceylon was once known as...

    £ 4.49



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