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  • English Breakfast

    rise and shine Wakey wakey! The Romans liked bread dipped in wine. Our...

    £ 3.99
  • Earl Grey

    noblesse oblige The classic recipe is black tea suffused with the citrus...

    £ 3.99
  • Assam

    I am From the banks of the Brahmaputra, which is said to flow through...

    £ 3.99
  • Peppermint

    minty tingles A natural herbal tisane of pure mentha piperita leaves,...

    £ 3.99
  • Jade Green

    eastern wonder Yunnan is in the far south of China, on the Burmese...

    £ 4.49
  • Berry Mix

    tutti frutti Our Berry Mix is a blend of hibiscus, rosehip, apples and...

    £ 4.49
  • Camomile

    egyptian gold Made with pure camomile flowers, grown on the fertile...

    £ 3.99
  • Darjeeling

    mountain high From high in the foothills of the Himalaya, comes perhaps...

    £ 4.49
  • Ramsbury Reviver
    Ramsbury Reviver

    NEW! Introducing our new house blend – Ramsbury Reviver!

    £ 4.49
  • Lemon and Ginger

    zestward ho! Four different lemony flavours and pieces of real ginger...

    £ 4.49



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The Ramsbury Promise

 First and foremost, we offer top quality whole leaf teas, flowers, herbs and berries in the convenience of 3D tea bags.

But it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it – we’re a family business and we make a point of supporting our fellow independents. Our special teas and tisanes are sourced from abroad, but they’re blended and bagged in the UK and packed by us in Ramsbury.

All our teas are sourced under the auspices of the Ethical Tea Partnership, an industry body set up to hold tea growers to acceptable employment and environmental standards, working in concert with Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Utz.  Our tea may be slightly more expensive as a result, but it tastes all the better for it.

Our boxes are manufactured by a nearby family business, our labels are produced by a local husband-and-wife team, and we’ve even managed to source some of our office equipment from the village down the road! There's so much more to it than "milk and 2 sugars" - come to our markets, buy us from quality shops, or our website (we're not available everywhere) and let us show you!