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  • English Breakfast

    rise and shine Wakey wakey! The Romans liked bread dipped in wine. Our...

    £ 3.99
  • Earl Grey

    noblesse oblige The classic recipe is black tea suffused with the citrus...

    £ 3.99
  • Assam

    I am From the banks of the Brahmaputra, which is said to flow through...

    £ 3.99
  • Peppermint

    minty tingles A natural herbal tisane of pure mentha piperita leaves,...

    £ 3.99
  • Jade Green

    eastern wonder Yunnan is in the far south of China, on the Burmese...

    £ 4.49
  • Berry Mix

    tutti frutti Our Berry Mix is a blend of hibiscus, rosehip, apples and...

    £ 4.49
  • Camomile

    egyptian gold Made with pure camomile flowers, grown on the fertile...

    £ 3.99
  • Darjeeling

    mountain high From high in the foothills of the Himalaya, comes perhaps...

    £ 4.49
  • Ramsbury Reviver
    Ramsbury Reviver

    NEW! Introducing our new house blend – Ramsbury Reviver!

    £ 4.49
  • Lemon and Ginger

    zestward ho! Four different lemony flavours and pieces of real ginger...

    £ 4.49



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About The Ramsbury Tea Company

Here at Ramsbury Tea Co, we love our tea: white tea, green tea, blue tea, red tea, black tea, herbal tea, organic tea – hey, we’ve even tried the fabled yellow tea and you don’t see much of that outside China!

We love everything to do with tea – the quiet ritual of kettle and teapot, the clink of caddie and cup; a few minutes’ pause while the leaves unfurl and infuse; the first snatched sips while the tea’s tantalisingly hot, and the long indulgent mouthfuls when it’s cooled - we could go on for hours… 

But like everyone, we’re busy busy bunnies, and even we don’t always have time to brew a proper pot.  On the other hand, we just can’t bring ourselves to like old-style teabags: cheap, nasty things, full of dust and fannings, all instant hit and no subtlety.

What we wanted was the luxury of real leaf tea in the convenience of a teabag, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.  So, that got us thinking: if no one was already doing it, why not do it ourselves?  No reason really, as it turned out.  Sure, it’s taken a couple of years of head-scratching, tea tasting, pencil-chewing, research, tea tasting, design and prototyping and did we mention tea tasting? We’ve finally got there: gorgeous real tea in a 3D teabag. 

All the quality of top-grade loose leaf tea in a 3-dimensional bag that allows the leaves space to stretch and luxuriate as they infuse and release their flavour.  Now there’s no excuse for making do with a mug of something that needs milk and 3 sugars just to be drinkable.  And we don’t just do teas, either: our range of natural tisanes brings you some of the finest, purest and tastiest ingredients you could ever add to hot water. 

We’ve sourced the very best ingredients from around the world and we hope you enjoy the results.  Don’t forget to check out our tea accessories to make your Ramsbury Tea experience the perfect break in a busy day.