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    rise and shine Wakey wakey! The Romans liked bread dipped in wine. Our...

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    noblesse oblige The classic recipe is black tea suffused with the citrus...

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How can I stock Ramsbury Tea?
Share our values? Please call us on 07977 565272 or contact us and let’s talk!

How do you have your Tea?

I get asked this a lot at foodie events and markets. For the record I like mine black, no milk and definitely no sugar. I enjoy flavoured tea like Lemon Grey and Earl Grey. I loath over perfumed fruit teas loaded with artificial flavourings and sugar. So there you have it.

What are your flavours and pack sizes?
Please visit our online tea shop to see our current blends and pack sizes.

We sell in boxes of 15 and economy (on the environment and your wallet) bags of 50 in minimised packaging which is favoured by our catering clients.

What tea does the Queen drink?

I don’t know. But on good authority I know she actually prefers the simple things (all those government banqueting functions must get to you after 60 years) I believe ma'am likes a modest black tea blend in a style similar to English Breakfast.

Do you deliver direct?
We make some local deliveries ourselves but we also use a local distribution company.  Orders and reorders usually take 3 working days.

What is your minimum order?
We try to be as accommodating as possible so we don’t really insist on a minimum order.  But clearly it makes sense to plan ahead and order in bulk.

How should tea be stored?
It’s quite straightforward:

Keep it dark – UV light will degrade the tea and spoil the flavour

Keep it dry – damp tea will go stale or even start to rot

Keep it away from strong odours or flavours – tea will soak up these aromas like a sponge. After all, that’s how teas like Earl Grey are made.  But bergamot flavouring is one thing, garlic tea would be quite another!

Keep it cool – and at a constant temperature.  Heat, and wide variations in temperature, will also ruin the quality and taste of the tea.

Do you ever drink coffee?

I get asked this too a lot! Yes I do drink coffee, wine and other things I probably shouldn’t. If it’s only coffee on the menu then it has to be a latte, more sugar than is healthy and extra milk!