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  • English Breakfast

    rise and shine Wakey wakey! The Romans liked bread dipped in wine. Our...

    £ 3.99
  • Earl Grey

    noblesse oblige The classic recipe is black tea suffused with the citrus...

    £ 3.99
  • Assam

    I am From the banks of the Brahmaputra, which is said to flow through...

    £ 3.99
  • Peppermint

    minty tingles A natural herbal tisane of pure mentha piperita leaves,...

    £ 3.99
  • Jade Green

    eastern wonder Yunnan is in the far south of China, on the Burmese...

    £ 4.49
  • Berry Mix

    tutti frutti Our Berry Mix is a blend of hibiscus, rosehip, apples and...

    £ 4.49
  • Camomile

    egyptian gold Made with pure camomile flowers, grown on the fertile...

    £ 3.99
  • Darjeeling

    mountain high From high in the foothills of the Himalaya, comes perhaps...

    £ 4.49
  • Ramsbury Reviver
    Ramsbury Reviver

    NEW! Introducing our new house blend – Ramsbury Reviver!

    £ 4.49
  • Lemon and Ginger

    zestward ho! Four different lemony flavours and pieces of real ginger...

    £ 4.49



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